VC-1 Viscosity Controller

VC-1 Viscosity Controller
  • Automatically controls ink viscosity without operator intervention
  • Three viscosity ranges to handle virtually any type of ink
  • Mounted directly in the sealed ink cup eliminating the need for off-printer ink reservoirs
  • In-cup design allows for fast and easy clean-up and color changeover
  • Ink viscosity is maintained by setting the desired parameters in the electronic control program
  • Continuously monitors the ink viscosity and compares it to the preset value
  • When the ink viscosity increases beyond the desired level, solvent is automatically added to return the ink to the desired viscosity.
  • Visual and audible alarms to notify the operator that the system needs attention. i.e. cup is low on ink, solvent reservoir is empty
  • Can also be set up to stop the printer in the event of a fault condition
  • Self-check mode to verify the unit is functioning correctly
  • Made in the USA
VC-1 Viscosity Controller
To view and print the Spec Sheet, click on the link below:
VC-1 Viscosity Controller Spec Sheet  
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