AIS makes pad printing easy!

Doctor Blades - Are offered in length to meet any printer specifications and type of cliché used.
Type A - Standard Plate, Type B - Steel Plate
Cleaning Tape - Is available in wide range of sizes to meet your printer needs.
Cliché Developing Solution
Let us take the worry out of making plates by ensuring that you have the right solution for the job.
Disposable Gloves - Why get your hands full of ink.
Measuring Beakers - You have to mix it in something. Why not try our mixing beakers.
Wooden Spatulas - They make mixing ink fun.
Disposable Pipettes - Graduated to ensure you have the proper quantity of thinner.
Cliché Developing Kit - Comes with brush, plate holder and container.
Screen Tint - Prevent cliché scooping. We have the right screen for you.
Cleaning Solution - Make ink clean up easy.
Butyl Gloves - Why take a chance cleaning. Protect your hands.
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